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Recruiting Bundle: Grow Your Own Unicorns

Recruiting Bundle: Grow Your Own Unicorns

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Transform Your Agency with the 'Grow Your Own Unicorns' Recruiting Bundle!

Unlock your agency's potential with our "Grow Your Own Unicorns" recruiting bundle! Designed to help you find and cultivate top talent, this game-changing package includes:

  • 60+ Page Workbook: Comprehensive guide to identifying, attracting, and nurturing high-potential candidates.
  • 30-Page Onboarding Checklist: Ensure a smooth and effective onboarding process.

  • Canva "Welcome Presentation" Template: Create a professional new employee welcome presentation with ease!  Complete with 20 slides and the ability to add more.  You can change colors, add your logo and photos, and edit as much info as you want for a warm, impressive welcome to new staff members!


Transform Your Team with the 'Grow Your Own Unicorns' Workbook!
About the Workbook:
Unlock your agency's potential with our innovative "Grow Your Own Unicorns" workbook! Designed to help you identify, attract, and nurture top talent, this essential guide will show you how to turn high-potential candidates into superstar employees.

With the insurance industry facing a talent shortage, it's more crucial than ever to find and develop employees with immense potential and the right personality. This workbook provides practical strategies and actionable insights to help you build a dynamic, talented workforce ready to take your agency to new heights.

This is a digital download - nothing will be shipped to you.  Please use your accurate email address at checkout, that is how the download will be sent to you.  We recommend printing this workbook after download!

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